Mongo: Force move Secondary to Primary

If happen that your cluster is degraded, for example, two nodes dead in PSS configuration, and the last node is in status Secondary. Then we can force move this node to Primary Remove old nodes maybe change the priority on some members And force apply changes on Secondary

Run CentOS 8 in rescue mode to change root password

In case you forgot the root password or can’t login to the CentOS, we can start OS by editing kernel boot options in Grub When the system is booting press any key (left, right, top, down) on Grub screen Select the kernel you need to run and press ‘e’ to open the editor

Debezium: getaddrinfo() thread failed to start

When building debezium-connect image on Gitlab runners had error After running all commands in Container found the problem Bug on Fedora issue tracker Fix by running a container with security options or add config to Runner

Can’t install nvidia/520.56.06 on Ubuntu 22.04

The newer version of the DKMS Nvidia driver won’t install on Ubuntu 22.04. From logs : Error “unrecognized command-line option ‘-ftrivial-auto-var-init=zero’ looks like we need a newer version of GCC. Firstly try to install deps