root on Moto X 1060

Автор | 13.01.2015

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For ALL Developer Editions Moto X, and some carrier editions (Like T-Mobile, Sprint, Rogers and others), Motorola freely gives away the BootLoader Unlock codes when requested On Motorola’s Web SIte. In the case of the Non-Developer Editions, it voids their warranty to request the code. However, for some carriers (like ATT, Verizon and republic Wireless in the USA) motorola does not give out the unlock code.

So when you get your X, try to get the unlock code from Moto’s web site. Then….

If you can get the code, and unlock the bootloader, you can root and disable write protection no matter what ROM is on your phone.

After you have UNLocked your boot loader, you may root by following ->…ev-ed-t2649738 Please be sure to use the latest TWRP fastboot IMG file and Installable ZIP of SuperSU

If you can NOT unlock your bootloader, and you are on 4.4.2 you can use TowelPieRoot to root (but write protection is still enabled).

If you can NOT unlock your bootloader, and your are on 4.4.4 you can not root.

If you can NOT unlock your bootloader, and by some miracle your phone is still on 4.4 (aka 4.4.0) or below, you can look at SlapMyMoto and MotoWpNoMo to root and disable write protection. HOWEVER, once you upgrade you will lose write protection, and be subject to the above conditions on rooting depending on your ROM version

And no, if you are on 4.4.4 you can NOT fully downgrade to 4.4.2 or lower. If you are on 4.4.2 you can NOT fully downgrade to 4.4 (aka 4.4.0) or lower! If you try, you will likely brick your phone or set it up to brick with future OTA’s.

EDIT: And if Moto’s web site doesn’t give out your bootloader unlock code, you MIGHT have a chance using the China Middleman (see the thread in the general section). If its available and you can purchase that way, you can then unlock your bootloader exactly as if you got the code from Moto’s own web site and follow any instructions as if you got the code from moto. The only difference is where you got the code, and how much it cost.

If you decide to go the China Middleman route, see ->…7/post52648309

EDIT2: If you are on 4.4.2, and some users with 4.4.3 and 4.4.4, you could try JCASE’s SUNSHINE tool. It will check if your phone is compatible first, if it is and you want to proceed, you will be charged. If it works on your phone it will Unlock the bootloader without destroying data and without needing a code from Moto or the China Middleman. For more, please see ->…-x-bl-t2828471 Once your bootloader is unlocked, you then root the same way developer edition or other unlocked bootloader users root (flash TWRP, boot into it, and let it root, or flash SUperSU).

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